Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies in Colombo looks after the southwest corridor of the island. The church in this south west region of Sri Lanka in particular has undergone a lot of persecution with several churches being burned and pastors and congregations beaten up by those who see the church as a threat due to the many conversions that are taking place. Having been away for 28 years my wife and I are touched in our spirits to see what these pastors have accomplished in spite of the persecution and hardships. The church has weathered the storm and has grown in the midst of such persecution and harassment.  Now is a favourable time for the church with a change in government the church is looking forward to a season of favour and growth.



Project Gideon

It is encouraging that there are many who are eager to study and be equipped to serve the Lord. The local churches which send them are often poor and unable to fund them.

Our vision entitled "Project Gideon" akin to the army of Gideon, is to raise 300 student sponsorships –at $1000/year for a student towards part and full time means tested sponsorships enabling 300 pastors and workers to be trained, adequate faculty to be recruited and contributing towards the running cost of the Centre for Graduate Studies.  We call this ‘Project Gideon’.


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