Classroom Facilities: 

LBCS has a facility that is conducive for learning and spiritual formation.

Classrooms have moved away from traditional systems, and rearranged to facilitate collaborative learning and discussions. 

55” LCD monitors are provided for each classroom to facilitate power point presentations and for other audio and video presentations. 

There are eight classrooms, one conference hall in addition to chapel and Library hall.


LBCS Library has over 40,000 volumes in English, Sinhalese and Tamil. The library is well furnished with study resources and facilities for doing research and independent studies on various topics. 


LBCS has hostel facilities for about 130 students. There is also other housing available for staff and faculty whose duties are required day and night in a residential program. 

Chapel and Prayer Tower: 

Regular Chapel programs are held everyday for spiritual formation of students, staff and faculty. A fasting and prayer is held every Friday 7.30 AM - 11.30 AM for the LBCS community to pray for missions, donors, churches, persecuted churches, country leaders etc. 

We send students to different parts of the country to engage in mission activities with local churches for integrating theory and practice and to develop their ministry skills and attitudes in the field.

Publishing Unit: 

LBCS publishing department has been publishing Christian books and textbooks for education. These books are widely used by other churches and institutions. 

IT Center: 

LBCS has a growing IT center where students from rural setting receive training on MS office package, use of Internet and email. They also learn to use computers to do their assignments. 

Sports for Physical Development: 

LBCS has a small ground, badminton court, and facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, pool table, Carom and other indoor games. For bigger sports events we hire municipal grounds. In addition to sports, we also provide opportunities for other skills development. Students are given time to do practical work and maintain college environment.

Providing LBCS facilities for retreats, and training programs by other institutions, churches, and Para-church organizations.