From the Director’s desk!

A warm welcome from Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies!  Learning at LBC-CGS is bound to be an exciting experience for those endeavouring to equip themselves for the work of the ministry.  With its long and distinguished forty five-year history, with hundreds of pastors, church planters and Christian educators graduating from its campuses in Kandy and Colombo, Lanka Bible College has proven to be a premier institution of theological education in Sri-Lanka.

It is intriguing to note that our Lord stressed the importance of understanding and training that promotes the acquisition of skills and the ability to gather and dispense kingdom-related treasure (Mt 13.51-52). 

Jesus said ‘therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.’ 

Hence understanding is the prerequisite of fruit bearing (Mt 13.23) thus it is scribes who have become disciples of the kingdom of heaven who are able to effectively serve and be a blessing to others.  These are not merely those who have received instruction about the kingdom but who have become disciples – and ‘owners of the house’ having the capacity to bring out of their storeroom or heart new things and old.  It is such ‘wise men and scribes’ who are sent by Jesus into the world to be salt and light (Mt 23.34).

Theological education at the Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies attempts precisely to facilitate the formation of such kingdom quality men and women who in being rewarded for their attitude to scripture and rigorous study, emerge as disciples who have been ‘given understanding’ (Mt 13.11-12) by the Lord Himself.  It is with such revelation that one is able to serve the church and society. 

I would like to encourage churches and any aspiring pastor, church planter, Christian educator and leader in Sri-Lanka to take advantage of our program of studies to equip themselves for the task.

Dr Danny Moses Grad Dip Ed, BD MA PhD


Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies