he Lanka Bible College is the fruit of prayers and vision of many Christians and churches to meet the growing need for training people for ministry in Sri Lanka. In May 1970 representatives from Swedish missionaries and local pastors of Sri Lanka met and unanimously pledged to support in the formation of Lanka Bible Institute. The institute was inaugurated on the 15th of September 1970 with 12 students. Rev V. Chandy was appointed as the first principal.

In 1974, when the Fellowship of Free Churches of Sri Lanka (FFCSL) was formally established Lanka Bible Institute also came under the Umbrella of FFCSL However, on 28th June 1980 Lanka Bible Institute officially became Lanka Bible College (LBC). In 1980 LBC was accredited under Asia Theological Association (ATA) with interdenominational status.

LBC moved to the present location at Christopher’s road Peradeniya, under the leadership of Rev Ranjit De Silva who served as principal from 1980 to 1988. He pioneered for accreditation under ATA thus making LBC the first accredited interdenominational Evangelical Bible College in Sri Lanka. Dr. Arthur Glaser, Dean of the School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary U.S.A. dedicated the new facility to the glory of God.

The College Board of Governors was expanded and the school became more oriented towards the whole church of Sri Lanka, with students coming from many diverse church backgrounds. At present LBCS offers accredited degrees for pastors and Christian leaders in Sri Lanka.