Student Payments 2018 - Diploma/B.Th/

  • ADMISSION FEE: - A onetime payment of Rs.7500/- to be paid on the day of admission.
  • FOR RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS:-Total cost of tuition, board and lodging per student is approximately over 16000/-per month. However, LBC is committed to assist your church in raising a large portion of this cost. The balance of Rs.4000/-per month will have to be paid by your church. Residential students will also pay Rs.1250/- per month as facility fees which entitles the following:
  • Library Membership Fee for 2 years
  • Internet and E-mail
  • Meals and Accommodation
  • Usage of Sports room and sports equipment
  • Electricity and Water
  • DAY STUDENTS:- Rs.975/-per credit hour per term plus a facility fee of Rs.4650/-* per term. If a student is following a 2 credit hour course, the fee will be 2*975/- plus the facility fee of Rs.4650/-. (1950+4650= Rs.6600/-)

*Note that the above facilities are entitled to Day scholars as well.


(B.Th/  Rs.3950/-

M.Div                    Rs.4950/-

  • LIBRARY: A Membership ID of Rs.300/- will be issued for two years. (Books will be issued only for ID holders)
  • MEDICAL EXPENSES: The College will meet all Emergency student medical expenses but they

must be reimbursed before the term examinations.

Please note that none of the above rates are negotiable.


(Cheques should be drawn in favor of ‘LANKA BIBLE COLLEGE’and sent to: The RegistrarP.O. Box 02, Christopher Road – Peradeniya)