The idea of a center in Colombo was approved by the LBC Board of Governors in 1988 when the Principal of that time, Rev. Dr. Ranjith De Silva, envisioned such a center for Leadership Development in the city of Colombo . The LBC Center for Graduate Studies was launched in Colombo in 2000 to co-ordinate the Master of Divinity (M.Div) and other Post Graduate Programs. Since 2002, in response to requests from churches in Colombo, LBC has also been conducting three Distance Learning Centers in the main hub of society.

Over 100 students have enrolled in these Distant Learning Centers. With this response and the growth of the Masters Program in Colombo the college recognized the need for a permanent facility. A building was rented in March 2005. On hearing of this move and recognizing the quality of training that LBC provides, churches in Colombo have requested LBC to run regular courses to train their pastoral leaders. The need for English Language training and Computer Studies for Pastors and Church Leaders were identified. The English for Theological studies (ETS) Program and the Computer Studies program was launched to meet these needs. The Computer Studies Program is accredited by the Tertiary Education Commission of Sri Lanka. Today the LBC Centre for Graduate Studies has a rapid growth rate and is truly a place

“Where leaders come for further equipping”.

In order to witness effectively for the Lord, every Christian worker must have a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures, and a concern for people.  The Lanka Bible College Centre for Graduate Studies seeks to meet this need through its teaching program. 

Training for ministry involves the whole person. 

It aims to produce men and women whose lives reflect the spiritual values that the study of God's word fosters.  The Bible therefore is our chief text book and we seek to teach the Bible so that its message may instruct the mind and grip the heart.  To this primary task of teaching the Bible and training men and women for ministry LBC CGS is dedicated.  Our motto is to enable students to

“study and serve”

and students from all denominations are welcome to study at our college.