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Training Leaders with Future in Mind

Dr. A.N.Lal Senanayake


ur future is more and more characterized by “digital age” and this is obviously evident among the young people in our churches and society. Just as much as there is a rapid change in the digital world, there is a rapid change in the way people think in the future society. Just as much there is a change in the future, the ways of thinking and behavior of people will also change.  The way people think is different to the way they thought several years ago. As Christian leaders we need to see this changing future. The Christian Leaders much identify the problems, challenges, and opportunities involved in such a changing future and train leaders accordingly.

Unfortunately, in today’s church the leadership development and training is rooted in the experience of the past. We follow obsolete methods of leadership training. We want to do our work of training the same way we have been doing before. We follow the same processes and procedures of leadership training which we have inherited from past. The leaders want to lead the same way we led years ago. It is not fair to say that what we have done in the past is altogether wrong. The emphasis here is that we need to adopt ourselves to the changing world around us and do our training to fit into that change.

Someone said that if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got. Developing capable Christian leaders for the future cannot be done on the practices of yesterday. Developing capable leaders cannot be done with, but it begins with a proper understanding of tomorrow, the future, and years ahead. Leadership training, in today’s context, often focuses on showing people how to do things the way they have been done in the past. Such training is fine if Christian leadership involves making a machine. Leadership training is not producing a carbon copy or photocopy of another model of leadership.

Leadership training is a complex responsibility. It involves transforming trainees into Christlikeness.

It requires developing one’s knowledge, attitudes and skills with relevance to the context. Leadership development demands critical thinking, higher order thinking, reflective judgment, deeper understanding, and a broader vision.

You cannot think of training leaders without a critical understanding of tomorrow’s world.

LBCS training is geared to help you in training leaders for tomorrow’s church. We hope you will join hands with us as we work alongside of you in training your leaders who could face tomorrow’s challenges. May God bless you and your ministry!


Dr. A.N.Lal Senanayake

(PhD in Educational Studies-Trinity International University USA)


Lanka Bible College And Seminary

Why Study at LBCS?

  • We provide a recognized education and training program for ordination of pastors

  • We provide a residential training with 2/3rd Scholarship.

  • We provide a residential training where student’s spiritual, character and attitude formation is closely monitored, and provide encouragement for growth.

  • We provide an excellent holistic education program facilitated by teachers and pastors with ministry experience.

  • We have a great facility that is conducive for learning.

  • We model and encourage servant leadership and Christ like Character.